Sunday, March 29, 2009

What a difference a day makes

We spent our days on Tuesday and Wednesday doing yard work, and good thing we didn't wait until Thursday to lay down seed - because as you can see below, we wouldn't have gotten any of it down since it had already started snowing when I woke up to go to work on Thursday morning. The seed we chose is a combination of native grasses then we mixed in a little native wildflower seed as well. It's an experiment, so we'll see how it turns out.

This is Tuesday afternoon before we really had started anything. You can't tell very well but here we have lots of dead sod (that we purposely killed off last year), bits and pieces of green grass here and there that we had to pull up along with plenty of weeds before laying down seed, and a border of lots and lots of mulch that had to be taken up as well because we were going to be seeding all the way to the sidewalk. Also note the walkway leading up to the fence (around the bay window). There was a lot of rock bordering that sidewalk. And just as we have found everywhere else we went to pull up the previous owners' handiwork - under all that border of rock was concrete with rebar - completely unnecessary if the rocks are laid correctly - and a complete pain to pull up. As I have told Mike many times - I have no desire to see concrete and rebar in landscaping EVER again.

About 24 hours later, this is what the front yard looked like. You can't tell too well, but when compared to the first picture, there is no longer a big walkway around the bay window, rather a small one just to make sure people can get around without hitting their heads (that actually isn't very apparent in this picture). The pink marker in the corner is something Qwest came to put out while I was in Atlanta. Mike said they are going to put in new lines or something? Maybe they can replace our fence since their lines will run directly on the inside of the fence line?!? I honestly doubt it though. Also note the white sky - the snow is coming!

And this is what it looked like the next day - well technically this is on Friday because it was actively snowing all day on Thursday (while I was at work, not getting to enjoy any of it). Mike measured about 10 inches and it sure is beautiful!!

But as is typical with our spring snow, it melted off yesterday and today. So now there is almost no snow to be had. It was called a blizzard, but to me, a blizzard is like what I lived through at Christmas in 2006 (see below) - at least 2 feet of snow that didn't melt off for months! But I suppose that 10 inches is pretty good, too...

December 2006


  1. Wow, you guys did a lot of work. It looks great!!

  2. Oh,and I love the new header on your blog!!

  3. wow! What a lot of work!! I'm tired just thinking about it! Be thankful you don't have 13 acres like we do... I don't think we'll ever have that finished! Of course, if Chris and I were as good at that as you and Mike, we'd stand a better chance!

  4. It's your sister. Just wanted to remind you it is April and we need a new blog post! How did you do your header? It is super cool! I love you!